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ASU Service and Training

 As a leading provider in night vision technology, believes it is important to both, know how to use your night vision equipment and to keep it serviced. We offer training on products we sell and maintenance services for keeping your investment in the highest working order.

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ANVIS 180 Day Certification

ANVIS 180-Day Inspection & Certification.

ANVIS Repair
ASU's certified technicians are authorized by the manufacturer to perform repairs in accor...
Initial Pilot NVG Training

Initial NVG Pilot Training

Training - CFI Pilot NVG

Instructor CFI Pilot Training

Training - Crewmember NVG

NVG Crewmember Training Course

Training - Recurrent Crewmember NVG

Recurrent NVG Crewmember Training

Training - Recurrent Pilot NVG

Recurrent NVG Pilot Course

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