Night Vision (AVS-9)

Aviation Specialties Unlimited, Inc. (ASU) is a leading provider in aviation night vision technology. The night vision goggles we offer have un-filmed tubes for better image clarity, more pixels per inch for better resolution, and reduced noise and halo. Operators can choose from both White and Green Phosphor NVGs and for operators with Gen III models F4949 or M949, ASU’s Trade-Up Program can upgrade and extend the life of your goggles.

ASU offers a service plan to protect your NVG investment, learn more about our service plan opportunities at our NVG Service Center page.

To find parts by identifying them through a diagram, click the link below. After selecting the image of the part you are looking for, you will be redirected to the information page on that part. Shop by Diagram

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AN/AVS-9 Green Phosphor
Enhanced image clarity and quality which results in increased depth perception Except...
AN/AVS-9 White Phosphor
The new white phosphor nightvision goggle is the first technological breakthrough in aviat...
White Phosphor TradeUp
ASUs new TradeUp Program offers operators of Gen III models F4949 and M949 goggles an oppo...
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