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Contract Number: GS-07F-0345J

View the ASU Products on GSA Contract period: 8/01/99 through 7/31/19

Federal Supply Schedule 84, Part VI, Section A

Law Enforcement and Security Equipment

FSC Class(es) : 5855

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GSA Products

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ANV-126A NVD Test Set

Hoffman Engineering ANV-126A NVD Test Set

ANV-20/20 Infinity Focus System

Hoffman Engineering ANV-20/20 Infinity Focus System

Compact Purge Kit
ASU's Compact Purge Kit  for the maintenance of ANVIS and PVS night vision goggles.  Compa...
HVS-126A Computerized System

The HVS-126A is a computerized system to evaluate NVG image quality.

N2- GEN 4 - Compact Nitrogen Generator
Introducing the N2- GEN 4 - Compact Nitrogen Generator for use with Optics and Night Visio...
Nitrogen Purge Kit

ASU Nitrogen Purge Kit for Night Vision Goggles - ANVIS and PVS

Purge Kit Adapter, ANVIS

ASU ANVIS Purge Adapter

Purge Kit Adapter, PVS

ASU PVS Purge Adapter

Specialized Tool Set

ASU Specialized Tool Set for ANVIS Night Vision Goggles

AN/AVS-9 Green Phosphor
Enhanced image clarity and quality which results in increased depth perception Except...
AN/AVS-9 White Phosphor
The new white phosphor nightvision goggle is the first technological breakthrough in aviat...
White Phosphor TradeUp
ASUs new TradeUp Program offers operators of Gen III models F4949 and M949 goggles an oppo...
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