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Wednesday, April 25, 2012
Aviation Specialties Unlimited, (ASU) announced that they have now sold more than 4,500 night vision aviation systems worldwide. This gives ASU more aviation systems sales to civilian operators than any supplier in the world. "I can remember when the thought of night vision systems in the civil market was just a luxurious dream," said ASU's founder Mike Atwood. "Our goal at ASU was to make that dream a reality and make NVGs readily available to operators around the world. The milestone in sales is a major accomplishment for us, but the numerous lives that have been saved from averted crashes, successful EMS, SAR and Law Enforcement missions is unquantifiable. I am glad that ASU had the opportunity to help make a safer environment for pilots all over the world."
Posted by asunewadmin at 4/25/2012 11:05:00 PM
Wednesday, April 18, 2012
ASU has a number of items on hand that are avialable at discounted prices. Limited to quantities on hand.
Posted by asunewadmin at 4/18/2012 6:51:00 PM
Tuesday, March 6, 2012
The tail-end of this week's storms were whipping through the area, and CALSTAR 6 lead pilot Kris Hunt was guiding the helicopter over Kingsbury Grade. In the back of the chopper, flight nurses Ted Langevin and Nathan Schwab were busy caring for a man who had been injured when a vehicle struck him Thursday night.
Posted by asunewadmin at 3/6/2012 8:17:00 PM
Monday, January 16, 2012
ASU is looking for a qualified NVG Installation Technician. Technician is responsible for the installation of supplemental lighting systems to include rotorcraft and fixed wing aircraft. To include completion of associated paperwork; delivering professional customer service over the phone and in the field; coordination of post installation updates and participating in procedural documentation, etc. Additionally responsibilities may include but are not limited to performing general aircraft maintenance. This position is full time with benefits upon successful completion of 90 day probationary period.
Posted by asunewadmin at 1/16/2012 5:06:00 PM
Tuesday, December 13, 2011
Lutheran Air is always on call and when the sun goes down is no exception. "We've been flying at night safely for quite some time. We've just taken it to a whole new level with night vision goggles," Rex Alexander, a pilot with Lutheran Air, said. The new night vision goggles magnify available light to make the eyes see things they otherwise couldn't see in the dark. Light is brought in from one end of the lens and amplified three to four times, turning the black abyss of night into a green field of clarity.
Posted by asunewadmin at 12/13/2011 9:13:00 PM
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