Product Details

GEN3 Infinity Series - Unfilmed

MX-10160 Image Intensifier Tube
Auto-gated, Unfilmed
Replaces P/N 245126-002

GEN3 Infinity Series - Unfilmed


--Gen III photocathode which is very sensitive to low levels of visible and near-infrared light
--Electro-Magnetic shielding
--Aviator-grade blemish specification designed for aviator night vision goggles
--U.S. manufactured Generation III image intensifier (I2) tube

--One year warranty standard
--Thin-filmed and unfilmed versions available
--The M890AV image intensifier tube is L-3 EOS’ commercial version of MX-10160
--Used in the L-3 EOS M949™ (AN/AVS-6/9) aviator night vision goggle
--This image intensifier is equivalent to U.S. Military configuration MX-10160