Equipment Modification RMA Request

Keeping NVIS operators in the air and on mission is our first priority and having serviceable equipment is key. Our skilled technicians can perform NVIS modifications on your equipment and even expedite for AOG.

Before sending your equipment, please read the important information and complete form below. After submitting this form, ASU will email you an RA number and RA worksheet for the modification of your equipment.
Important info about your shipment:

  • Confirm equipment is operational before shipping
  •  The RA number MUST be visible on the outside of the shipping box
  •  Pack a copy of the RA worksheet, your PO and a printed copy of this form in the shipment

To begin, simply complete the form below and click submit!

My shipping address is the same as my billing address.
International customers must provide both the import and export shipping documents (carrier AWB and commercial invoice) for their equipment shipments. ASU will package the equipment, provide the weight and dimensions of the shipment, attach the shipment documents provided by the customer, and provide the shipment to the customers selected carrier or freight forwarder on their behalf. Shippers are encouraged to create a return shipment label while processing the outbound shipment to streamline the return of equipment.
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