ECO Process

An Engineering Change Order (ECO) is used to make minor changes to the configuration of the aircraft. Some things that may require an ECO include: equipment relocation, adding new previously approved equipment, wiring/electrical changes, updating of lighting system, and updating depiction of aircraft equipment.
If it is determined that your aircraft requires an ECO, please contact Aviation Specialties Unlimited, Inc. (ASU) at eco @ for assistance.  Please be sure to include the aircraft model and serial number in the subject line of any emails. A typical ECO can take anywhere from two to three weeks depending on the scope of the requested changes.

To assist ASU in processing your ECO request in a timely and accurate manner, please read and adhere to the following procedures:

1.       Submit the following:

a.       ECO Request Form     Download

b.      High quality photographs of the areas to be modified. Include photos of the instrument panel, overhead, and center console. Do not use a cell phone to take photographs.

c.       The aircraft specific ICA Appendices, with the requested changes marked.

                                                               i.      Note: This can be accomplished by using the “Comment and Markup” tool in Adobe Acrobat, or by writing legibly on the drawings.

2.       ASU will contact the person listed on the ECO Request Form with a quotation for parts and ECO.

a.       The charge for most ECOs is $2,000 to cover engineering, drafting, certification, and data updates/distribution.

b.      Updates catergorized as Major per ASU's Partnership for Safety Agreement with the FAA will also cost $2,000 due to the additional scope of work required to revise the MDL, plus any travel, labor and/or DAR/DER costs associated.

 Upon receipt of this data, ASU will begin the drawing update process. Should the customer request additional configuration changes after this original submission, an additional ECO Charge may be applicable.

1.       ASU will update the drawings with the requested changes as soon as possible.

2.       ASU will send the customer representative the preliminary updated drawing(s) and the Configuration Acceptance form.

a.       The customer checks the drawings, and advises if there are any errors.

b.      Once the drawings are correct, the customer signs and returns the Acceptance form.

3.       Upon receipt of the Configuration Acceptance form, ASU will complete the ECO and forward data package to the FAA for approval.

4.       Upon FAA approval, ASU will distribute the drawing(s) and approved ECO electronically to the appropriate operator personnel.

a.       If parts are necessary to complete the update, they will be distributed at this time.