Contract Flight Operations

Company Background

As a background on our company, ASU is an Idaho corporation formed in 1995. ASU quickly became recognized as a leader in employing night vision in non-military operations across the United States, which includes law enforcement aviation operations for both rotor wing and fixed wing aircraft.

In addition, ASU provides various services that include specialized airborne law enforcement solutions for government entities. ASU has proven experience in providing professional turn-key airborne operations employing specially equipped helicopters and experienced pilots necessary to successfully respond to a variety of missions. ASU's helicopters can rapidly survey large areas for lost individuals or fleeing suspects. Services available include but are not limited to the following:

  1. Law Enforcement — ASU has demonstrated experience in participating in missions to pursue suspects, perform surveillance and photographic missions, counter drug operations, aerial command and control for critical incident management, special operations missions, emergency response missions, show of presence in known drug and gang areas, river and lake patrol, dam and water supply patrols, night time lighting of accident scenes and traffic control.
  2. Airborne Surveillance and Security Operations — ASU has operated an airborne surveillance contract in the country of Colombia, South America. Throughout the 4 year duration of our contract our Cessna C337 aircraft provided surveillance and security for the petroleum pipeline that is vital to the economy of Colombia.

ASU requests the opportunity to show you just how effective a turn-key airborne law enforcement or surveillance operation can be for you and your agency/company.