NVIS Modifications

With an unwavering focus on field maintainability and continued airworthiness, Aviation Specialties Unlimited is the trusted partner for custom aircraft modifications for night vision goggle operations. ASU’s in-house drafters, PMA, and traveling installers have completed thousands of installations worldwide and obtained the most Supplemental Type Certificates (STC) of FAA-approved NVIS modifications for both rotor-wing and fixed-wing aircraft.

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Standard NVG cockpit modification will include the installation of a combination of ANVIS compatible filters, bezels, internal modifications, post-lighting, bulb replacements and floodlighting to modify all instrumentation in both the cockpit and cabin. ASU will take you through every step of the modification service including the aircraft survey, drafting, installation, documentation and certification. To request a quote on an existing NVIS STC NVIS, click on your aircraft in the list below.  To contact ASU about a new STC, please visit our contact us page or call us at +1 208-426-8117.

ASU's Current  Approved NVIS STC List

  107-II/KV107-II   U.S. FAA    STC No. SR02464SE
  A109   U.S. FAA    STC No. SR01476SE
  A109 Canada   Canada TCCA    SH-16-2
  A119   U.S. FAA    STC No. SR01476SE
  AB139/AW139   U.S. FAA    STC No. SR02104SE
  AB139/AW139 Europe   Europe EASA    10065823
  AB139/AW139   Canada TCCA    SH15-45
  AS332   U.S. FAA    STC No. SR02512SE
  AS350B, AS130BA, EC130B4   Brazil ANAC    2012S09-10
  AS350 B3 TCCA SH17-41   Canada TCCA    SH17-41
  AS350/EC130   U.S. FAA    STC No. SR01390SE
  AS355   U.S. FAA    International/Public Use
  AS365   U.S. FAA    STC No. SR01717SE
  AS365 Canada   Canada TCCA    SH19-17
  AS555   International/Public Use    International/Public Use
  AT-402   U.S. FAA    STC No. SA02674SE
  AT-802A/AT-602   U.S. FAA    STC No. SA02603SE
  B200   U.S. FAA    STC No. SA02264SE
  B200   International/TCCA    International/Public Use
  B204   U.S. FAA    STC No. SR02130SE
  B205/210   U.S. FAA    STC No. SR02189SE
  B206/407   U.S. FAA    STC No. SR01383SE
  B206/407 Europe   Europe EASA    10054006
  B212   U.S. FAA    STC No. SR01634SE
  B214ST   U.S. FAA    STC No. SR02044SE
  B222   U.S. FAA    STC No. SR01545SE
  B230   U.S. FAA    STC No. SR01545SE
  B412   U.S. FAA    STC No. SR01634SE
  B412   Canada TCCA    SH 19-29
  B429   U.S. FAA    STC No. SR02600SE
  B430   U.S. FAA    STC No. SR01545SE
  B430 Canada   Canada TCCA    SH15-34
  BK117 C-2(EC145)   U.S. FAA    STC No. SR01611SE
  BO105   U.S. FAA    STC No. SR01546SE
  Caravan C208 Cessna 208   U.S. FAA    STC No. SA01745SE
  Casa C-212-CC,CD,DF   U.S. FAA    STC No. ST02099SE
  Cessna 182   U.S. FAA    STC No. SA02689SE
  Cessna 206    U.S. FAA    STC No. SA02289SE
  CH-47D   U.S. FAA    STC No. SR02510SE
  DHC-4   U.S. FAA    STC No. ST02613SE
  DHC-6-300   U.S. FAA    STC No. SA02103SE
  DHC-7   U.S. FAA    STC No. ST02595SE
  DHC-7 Canada   Canada TCCA    SA18-73
  DHC-8-100/200/300 Dash-8   U.S. FAA/Public Use    STC No. ST02448SE
  Dornier 228-202   U.S. FAA    STC No. SA02434SE
  EC120   U.S. FAA    STC No. SR01609SE
  EC130   U.S. FAA/Public Use    STC No. SR01390SE
  EC135   U.S. FAA    STC No. SR01207SE
  EC135/EC635   Europe EASA    10051729 International/Public Use
  EC155   U.S. FAA    STC No. SR01717SE
  EC225   U.S. FAA    STC No. SR02512SE
  G550   U.S. FAA    STC No. ST02539SE
  MD500/369/600   U.S. FAA    STC No. SR01635SE
  MD900   U.S. FAA    STC No. SR02050SE
  MD900 Europe   Europe EASA    10063304
  MD900 Canada   Canada TCCA    Accpt. Ltr C-12-0320
  OH-58   Public Use    International/Public Use/
   STC No. SR02496SE 
  PZL M18A   U.S. FAA    STC No. SA02306SE
  P68   FAA    STC No. SA02666SE
  PC-12/47   U.S. FAA    STC No. SA02683SE
  R66   U.S. FAA/Public Use    STC No. SR02592SE
  R66   Europe EASA    10058184
  S2R   U.S. FAA    STC No. SA02305SE
  S-61   U.S. FAA/Public Use    STC No. SR02248SE
  S-61 Canada   Canada TCCA    SH12-57
  S-76   U.S. FAA/Public Use    STC No. SR01955SE
  S-76 Canada   Canada TCCA    SH14-8
  S-92   U.S. FAA    STC No. SR02547SE
  SA365 / SA366 / AS365 / EC155   Europe EASA    10056273
  Twin Commander 500S   U.S. FAA    STC No. SA02700SE
  UH-1H   Public Use    International/Public Use
  UH-60A   U.S. FAA    STC No. SR02688SE