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Eligibility Requirements

This is an A&P preparation course. To enroll at ASU for this course, you must meet the FAA experience requirements, which will ensure you are eligible to take the exams and receive an A&P rating after finishing the course. There are four ways of proving your experience to the FAA and any of them will be considered as proof: 

  1. Have the FAA written exam grade slip, which shows you met the requirements in the past.
  2. Have a completion certificate from a civilian FAA approved mechanic school. Note: to obtain this type of completion certificate, you must have attended a mechanic school full time for 2 to 3 years.
  3. Have a DD-214 (military) showing that you have worked on aircraft as a mechanic for the required number of months. 
  4. Have a "mechanic's experience letter" signed by a licensed mechanic under whom you have worked.

If you satisfy the experience requirements through one of the above methods, complete the FAA Form 8610-2 and make an appointment with your local FAA office for signature. ASU will assist you with this process.

ASU Tentative 2021 A&P Prep Schedule

Class # Course Date
21-01   MARCH 2021
Projects and Practical Prep
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