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Aviation Specialties Unlimited, Inc. (ASU) is a leading provider in aviation night vision technology. ASU's  NV onics®  family of night vision products  includes the most advanced Gen III night vision technology available, TSO NVGs in green or white phosphor. The white phosphor offers better image clarity, more pixels per inch for better resolution, and reduced noise and halo. Download a white paper by Dr. Joseph Estrera on white phophor night vision technology to learn more.

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ASU offers a service plan to protect your NVG investment, learn more about our service plan opportunities at our NVG Service Center page.

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AN/AVS-9 Green Phosphor

  • Enhanced image clarity and quality which results in increased depth perception
  • Exceptional high-light performance due to auto-gating
  • Improved low-light performance and increased FOM


    Download the Spec Sheet

    • Available with Class A, B, or C "Leaky Green" Objectives
    • Fully compatible with aircraft NVIS lighting systems
    • Mounting systems available for Gentex, Alpha, Gallet, and other flight helmets
    • FAA & EASA Flight Certifications
    • Fully compliant with RTCA DO-275 (Minimum operational performance standards for integrated night vision imaging system equipment)
    • 180 Day service and repair via our FAA Certified Part 145 repair station
     M949 Kits
    Model IMAGE TUBE
    9S1400-XX FOM: 1400 (max)
    9S1600-XX FOM: 1600 (max)
    9S1800-XX FOM: 1800 (max)
    9S2000-XX FOM: 2000 (max)
    9S1001-XX FOM: Unrestricted (max)