Night Vision Products & Training

Aviation Specialties Unlimited, Inc. (ASU) is a leading provider in aviation night vision technology. ASU's  NV onics®  family of night vision products  includes the most advanced Gen III night vision technology available, TSO NVGs in green or white phosphor. The white phosphor offers better image clarity, more pixels per inch for better resolution, and reduced noise and halo. Download a white paper by Dr. Joseph Estrera on white phophor night vision technology to learn more.

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ASU offers a service plan to protect your NVG investment, learn more about our service plan opportunities at our NVG Service Center page.

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Training - CFI Pilot NVG

Instructor CFI Pilot Training

Training - CFI Pilot NVG



FAA Approved Instructor CFI Night Vision Goggle Training, to include:





  • Certified Flight Instructor
  • Previous Initial ASU NVG Course Completion

If prerequisites are not met, additional training/time is required for both ground and flight training segments.


  • 8 hours Ground / Classroom
  • 5 hours Flight Training per Pilot