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The helmet mounting solution for night vision goggles has come a long way in the last 20 years, and to date, Aviation Specialties Unlimited, Inc. is proud to distribute the most effective and precise products of helmet mounting, parts, and accessories.

LPBP Counter-Weight Assy

P/N 268465-CW

NSN No. 5855-01-542-7865


    LPBP Counter-Weight Assembly




    Additional 2.0 ounce weights are also available.




    The Low Profile Battery Pack Counter Weight is made of hot rolled steel and powder coated for extreme durability.

    The counter weight is form fitting to the battery pack and is easily attachable. The kit comes equipped with all the necessary parts needed to easily assemble the weights.
    -          2 Hex Sockethead Cap Screws, ¼”
    -          2 Hex Sockethead Cap Screws, ½”
    -          Allen Wrench for assembly
    The design makes the Counter–Weight Assembly very versatile. The two counterweights can be used separately or together for additional weight.