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The helmet mounting solution for night vision goggles has come a long way in the last 20 years, and to date, Aviation Specialties Unlimited, Inc. is proud to distribute the most effective and precise products of helmet mounting, parts, and accessories.

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Objective Lens Cap

P/N 264912-ASU

NSN No.  5340-01-152-5849

Objective Lens, Class B

P/N 243661-002

NSN No. 5855-01-473-2029

Objective Lens, Leaky Green

P/N 268419

NSN No. 5855-01-502-9239

Objective Locking Ring

P/N 5002583

NSN No. 5365-01-149-4102

Objective O-Ring

P/N AS3578-021

NSN No. 5330-00-822-3691

Pan Head Screw

P/N MS51957-13

NSN No. 5305-00-054-5647

PAS Adjustment Knob
NSN No. 5355-01-268-6471 Item is a breakdown component of the Pivot & Adjust Shelf (500...
PAS Back Plate
NSN No. 5340-01-458-8071 Item is a breakdown component of the Pivot & Adjust Shelf (50095...
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