Aerial Firefighting

ASU | Integrated NVG Solutions for Aerial Firefighting 

As the pioneer in next generation night vision goggles for firefighting, ASU's superior visual acuity lets you see to land, refill suppressant, and travel to and from the fire at night. Now you can make the other 10 hours of the day your most effective. Having built relationships with a number of aerial firefighters, we are confident that we can tailor a package to meet your night flying needs.

ASU | Approved NVIS Modifications for Aierial Firefighting

AT-802A/AT-602 U.S. FAA STC No. SA02603SE
B212 U.S. FAA STC No. SR01634SE
B412 U.S. FAA STC No. SR01634SE
B412 Canada TCCA SH 19-29
B205 U.S. FAA STC No. SR02189SE
B206/407 U.S. FAA STC No. SR01383SE
B206/407 Europe Europe EASA 10054006
B214ST U.S. FAA STC No. SR02044SE
107-II/KV107-II U.S. FAA STC No. SR02464SE
CH-47D U.S. FAA STC No. SR02510SE
S-61 U.S. FAA/Public Use STC No. SR02248SE
S-61 Canada Canada TCCA SH12-57
UH-60 U.S. FAA STC No. SR02688SE










*ASU's team is constantly adding new NVIS STCs. If your aircraft is not on this list, please visit our full STC list here or contact us about our STC process.


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