Fly at Night you say. But Why?

If you are an aerial applicator that:

  • Had to turn away business because there just aren’t enough hours in the day
  • Already flying at night. Unaided
  • Concerned about load conservation, safety, and limiting drift.

Night vision might be the answer for you. Night Vision can enhance aerial application operations by increasing product performance and reducing product drift.

Increased Capabilities –Whether you are an operator that needs to fly daylight hours, but want to go from dawn until dusk, or one which requires night flight, night vision will enable you to meet those demands with safety in the cockpit.

Spraying at night has identifiable advantages.

  • Personnel and scheduling conflicts are less prominent at night, requiring less reroutes and reschedules.
  • If you are in a work area that utilizes pollinating insects, these insects are less active at night, reducing the potential for inadvertent spraying of these critical assets.
  • Cooler night temperatures lead to increased aircraft performance.
  • The rising cost of pesticides and increasing immunity built up by continuous spraying reduced the effectiveness of spraying in daytime. By implementing night application operations, you can increase kill rates by targeting those insects which travel down in plants in daytime and return to the top at night.
  • Night vision goggles can limit exposure to dangerous pesticides by reducing the requirements for flaggers.

Aided Flight – Night vision amplifies the ambient light available. This includes star light, moon light, street lights and aircraft lights. If used correctly, this light can dramatically increase the operational performance of the goggles. Enabling you to see more and do more, safely with night vision goggles.

Load Conservation and Drift - Typically more stable air at night decreases drift, increasing effectiveness.

Would you like to increase your productivity? Save money? Help preserve the eco-system? Through the use of night vision applications, an ASU representative can show you how.