ASU Introduces OPTEX Red Tail Digital Spotting Scope at ALEA
Thursday, July 16, 2015


From the Airborne Law Enforcement Agency (ALEA) annual convention held in Houston Texas, Aviation Specialties Unlimited Inc., (ASU) showcased the OPTEX Red Tail Digital Spotting Scope.

The Wifi enabled spotting scope has an optical 45X high definition image that records images or videos straight to a smartphone or tablet (wireless range of 150 feet minimum). The system’s objective lens is a very compact, high performance300mm focal length catadioptric optical assembly, having a field of view from 56 feet at 1000 yards (1.1 degrees). Full scope weighs only 18 ounces without the tripod and has a small size of 6” long by 3” diameter. The runtime on the Red Tail is 3+ hours.

“Law enforcement needs are not limited to the field or in the air,” said ASU president Jim Winkel. “We realize that training takes place on the range too. The OPTEX Red Tail gives users the ability to spot, record and video shots and use for future training. In the field, we understand there may also be a use on special mission. The OPTEX Red Tail is a nice addition to our diversity of products that we offer.”

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