Aviation Specialties Unlimited Announces FAA TSO for AERONOX NVG Mount and Battery Pack
Thursday, January 9, 2020


Aviation Specialties Unlimited (ASU) announced today the official Federal Aviation Administration  (FAA) technical standard order (TSO) approval for the AERONOX NVG mount and battery pack.  

ASU’s AERONOX is a NVG helmet mount that was first introduced at HELI EXPO in 2016. The lightweight, AERONOX features a retractable lanyard with a breakaway feature to prevent the loss of NVGs. The low profile LEMO connector accepts AERONOX and legacy power supplies. It has an increased vertical adjustment, low battery indicator, and an optional interface accessory for use with ground helmets when mounting AN/AVS-9 to tactical ground helmet.

“A lot of time, energy and effort went into the development of the AERONOX,” said ASU President Jim Winkel. “We are extremely proud to announce this TSO. The TSO gives our customers peace of mind knowing that the AERNOX meets the FAA standards. The TSO is significant because operators, mechanics, and inspectors alike will know that the AERONOX Mount and battery pack is fully approved for flight. We did not want to produce a new product without going through the TSO process.” 

ASU’s modular AERONOX allows customers to order parts that can be replaced if needed.  The mount and lanyard, split ring, lanyard cap, receiver assemble, right and left inserts, slide mount, adjustment knob, and replacement screws are all available.  Almost every part of the AERONOX mount and batter pack assembly have replaceable parts. The ruggedized AERONOX battery pack is waterproof and dustproof for maximum durability and the drop-in battery design makes for a seamless battery swap.

“The legacy NVG helmet mounts were not modular at all.  If something broke, customers were forced to replace the entire mount.  We built the AERONOX with this is mind.  Because we have a team of experienced pilots that flew for the military and with civilian operations, they know and understand the importance of a good helmet mount and how things can break down over time. Customers fly in some rough conditions, and occasionally things break after everyday use. Sometimes they break from wear and tear.  Sometimes they break because of operator error.  No matter what breaks down over time, customers will appreciate the fact that the replacement parts are easier to buy than having to replace an entire mount. This will save our customers time and money,” said Winkel.  

The AERONOX and other new ASU manufactured products will be on display later this month at HELI EXPO in booth 7751.  Additional information about the AERONOX can be found by visiting https://www.asu-nvg.com/aeronox.

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