Aircraft Custom Modifications

The most trusted team in the night vision industry

ASU remains dedicated to supporting safer nighttime flight operations. Our proven process for custom NVIS aircraft modifications keeps crews airborne to protect and defend. ASU’s skilled drafters, technicians, and traveling installers have completed thousands of installations and hold an extensive Supplemental Type Certificate (STC) list from FAA, EASA, TCCA, ANAC, and CASA. Partnering with ASU means:

MINIMAL DOWNTIME Short lead times and on-site installation
LIVE SUPPORT Post-install parts and expedite service
FUTURE-FORWARD Seamless design changes for modernization

“I’m proud to deliver solutions that keep operators safe and exceed their expectations,” said ASU Part 145 Repair Station Manager Chris Reber.

Custom Modification Benefits

The basics

Most standard aircraft instrument lighting is not configured for use with Night Vision Goggles. Standard red, white and/or yellow cockpit instrument lighting greatly reduces the benefit provided by the use of NVGs because of increased glare, reflection and reduction in gain. To provide the maximum benefit of NVG use, ASU modified aicraft incorporate specially designed and manufactured ANVIS glass and polymeric/acrylic filters for LCD, CRT, Plasma, Liquid Crystal and Gas Discharge LED instrument and avionics displays for optimized daylight readability.


There are multiple NVG lighting configurations available from ASU based upon aircraft type and operational use. ASU uses a multitude of NVG filter types to ensure that lighting conforms to all required instrument lighting, clarity, color discrimination, and daylight readability requirements. A standard NVG cockpit modification may include a combination of glass filters, bezels, postlighting, and floodlighting to modify all instrumentation.