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AN/AVS-9 Green Phosphor

  • Enhanced image clarity and quality which results in increased depth perception
  • Exceptional high-light performance due to auto-gating
  • Improved low-light performance and increased FOM
AN/AVS-9 Green Phosphor


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  • Available with Class A, B, or C "Leaky Green" Objectives
  • Fully compatible with aircraft NVIS lighting systems
  • Mounting systems available for Gentex, Alpha, Gallet, and other flight helmets
  • FAA & EASA Flight Certifications
  • Fully compliant with RTCA DO-275 (Minimum operational performance standards for integrated night vision imaging system equipment)
  • 180 Day service and repair via our FAA Certified Part 145 repair station
 M949 Kits
9S1400-XX FOM: 1400 (max)
9S1600-XX FOM: 1600 (max)
9S1800-XX FOM: 1800 (max)
9S2000-XX FOM: 2000 (max)
9S1001-XX FOM: Unrestricted (max)