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AN/AVS-9 White Phosphor

The introduction of phosphor image intensification tubes in night vision goggle is the first technological breakthrough in aviation goggles since the introduction Generation III goggle. White phosphor NVGs produce a greyscale image that has proven to offer many benefits over the traditional green phosphor NVGS.  The white phosphor image engages a greater portion of your eye’s receptors which give your brain more visual information from which to make quick, life-saving decisions. The white phosphor image also has greater contrast, reduced halo, and results in reduced eye fatigue. Aviation Specialties Unlimited test pilots evaluated the first white phosphor NVGs for aviation.

AN/AVS-9 White Phosphor


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  • Fully compatible with aircraft NVIS lighting systems
  • Mounting systems available for Gentex, Alpha, Gallet, Paraclete, and other flight helmets
  • FAA & EASA Flight Certifications
  • ASU’s white phosphor NVG exceeds all minimum performance requirements, as outlined in the RTCA document DO275
    “Minimum Operational Performance Standards for Integrated Night Vision Imaging System Equipment.”
  • 180 Day service and repair via our FAA Certified Part 145 repair station
 M949 Kits
9S1400-XX FOM: 1400 (max)
9S1600-XX FOM: 1600 (max)
9S1800-XX FOM: 1800 (max)
9S2000-XX FOM: 2000 (max)
9S1001-XX FOM: Unrestricted (max)


Justin Watlington, ASU director of pilot training and a retired Army National Guard pilot, said, “I have been flying with
nightvision goggles for 27 years and would characterize the new white phosphor system as a distinguished milestone in
NVG technology. From highly illuminated urban areas to the darkest mountain regions, the white phosphor NVGs
significantly outperformed traditional green phosphor NVGs.”