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Aviation Goggles

 For more than 25 years, Aviation Specialties Unlimited Inc. (ASU) in Boise, Idaho, has proudly served those who protect and defend worldwide with Night Vision Solutions that Save Lives!  We offer night vision goggles with un-filmed tubes for improved image clarity, more pixels per inch for better resolution, and reduced noise and halo. 

White Phosphor Trade-up Program

Save on your new white phosphor night vision goggles by trading in your existing NVGs. ASU’s Trade-Up Program makes it easy to trade eligible goggles for new, White Phosphor TSO NVGs at a discount. Call for special pricing.
*Minimum FOM 2376 guaranteed for domestic customers! 


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    The military-grade GEN III white phosphor AN/AVS-9 is the most advanced TSO aviation night vision goggle on the market. The improved performance provides the highest image clarity and best lowlight response available.



    • Enhanced image clarity and quality for increased depth perception
    • Improved low-light performance
    • Exceptional high-light performance with auto-gating
    • Fully compatible with aircraft NVIS lighting systems
    • FAA TSO C164a approved & EASA approved
    • Fully compliant with RTCA DO-275 (Minimum operational performance standards for integrated night vision imaging system equipment)
    • TSO approved, Aeronox® Mount and Battery Pack available for aviation standard flight helmets