Image Intensifier Tubes

Aviation Specialties Unlimited, Inc. offers a variety of image intensifiers.  Image intensifier tubes can be considered one of the most important modules of night vision devices that could play a crucial role in defense/security/industrial applications. We carry both film and thin film intensifiers, as well as a variety of replacement parts.

The Gen 3 photocathode is very sensitive to low radiation levels of visible and especially near infrared light. It also provides very high signal-to-noise ratio (SNR) for extended detection ranges at very low light levels. Additionally, intensifiers provide exceptional resolution and the MCP has a thin ion-barrier film that preserves photocathode sensitivity during operation, greatly extending the life of Gen 3 tubes.

P-45, GEN 3

Many military professionals, both U.S. and international, have very specific individual preferences when it comes to their kit. In this sense, the benefits of the Harris Gen 3 P-45 white phosphor option are closely linked with user preference, as well as mission-specific requirements.


    Traditional image intensifier tubes use a P-43 phosphor screen output, resulting in the yellow-green image that has become the signature view through most Gen 3 night vision technology. Using a P-45 phosphor screen instead yields an alternate coloration closer to black and white imagery, which some users prefer. Harris proudly offers this option in peak performance Gen 3 tubes. In a recent field research study, 36 members of the U.S. Maryland National Guard used and compared white and green phosphor technologies. Participants reported that white phosphor enhanced their overall object recognition while providing contrast sensitivity equivalent to green phosphor.


    Capitalizes on existing high performance of Gen 3 night vision

    Can be incorporated in virtually any  image intensifier tube, including the F9800, F9810 and F9815 series

    Offers different contrast and color than traditional phosphor