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NVG Mounts

The helmet mounting solution for night vision goggles has come a long way in the last 20 years, and to date, Aviation Specialties Unlimited, Inc. is proud to distribute the most effective and precise products of helmet mounting, parts, and accessories.

Tactical Mount for aviation - three-hole shroud

The new Lo-Pro three-hole shroud integrates existing ANVS-6/9, M949, F4949, F5050, & GPNVG Night Vision Goggles with Wilcox’s standards for firm attachment to ballistic and non ballistic helmets for use with aviation equipment. Lightweight low profile design maximizes NVG adjustment. Available in Black or Tan.


    New Lo-Pro three-hole shroud

    Attaches directly to three-hole drilled helmets. Selectable and switchable fully Integrated 3 Volt power system. Provides a more durable QD mounting pivot, and points of adjustment over currently fielded devices. Lightweight Aluminum/Polymer construction. Increased durability in all environments and operations over legacy mounting solutions.

    1. Lock Release/vertical adjustment Lever allows NVG height to be easily adjusted up or down, then secured.
    2. Battery Compartment houses one (1) CR123 battery to power the internal backup power supply.
    3. NVG Flip Button allows goggle to “flip up” to a stowed position when the goggle is attached. The pivot mechanism is of a more durable design than currently fielded mounts.
    4. A Power Mode Selection Switch allows the operator to choose between the external power supply or the internal backup battery. A Switch Guard is provided to prevent snag.
    5. Standard Lemo 4-pin connector supports legacy and current aviation power supplies.
    6. Battery Indicator Light alerts pilot, crewman, & operators when battery life is low.
    7. Wilcox Low Profile Rail Shroud with integrated lanyard and geometry shim for various helmet types.