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NVG Mounts

The helmet mounting solution for night vision goggles has come a long way in the last 20 years, and to date, Aviation Specialties Unlimited, Inc. is proud to distribute the most effective and precise products of helmet mounting, parts, and accessories.

AERONOX Battery Pack & NVG Mount

The AERONOX® NVG Mount sets the standard in aviation NVG mounting. This lightweight reinforced system provides reliable operation under the toughest conditions. Its modular design is easily repairable by ASU or ASU certified repair station, which further reduces costs over the product’s lifetime. Compatible with a variety of both flight and ground style helmets, this mount is second to none.


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    The AERONOX Battery Pack provides the most advanced solution to powering aviation night vision systems. The low profile, lightweight design is perfect for reducing user strain over extended duration. Made entirely of reinforced molded polymer, the pack is strong enough to withstand the toughest mission environments. Should damage occur, it’s modular design is completely repairable further reducing costs over the product’s lifetime.


    1. Retractable lanyard with breakaway feature prevents loss of NVG
    2. Low profile LEMO connector accepts AERONOX / legacy power supplies
    3. Increased vertical adjustment to accommodate various helmet styles
    4. Reinforced carriage prevents critical failure during strenuous operation
    5. NVG release button allows goggle to be stowed while not in use
    6. LBI (low battery indicator) alerts user of low battery life from power supply
    7. QD/universal interface provides secure attachment to air and ground helmets


    1. Recessed toggle switch utilizes traditional “ON - OFF - ON” modes
    2. Metal latches provide fast and secure access to battery channels
    3. Molded mounting points allow for attachment of included counterweights
    4. LEMO connector provides reliable power to AERONOX / legacy NVG mounts
    5. Drop in battery channels eliminate the need for battery trays
    6. Compatible with hook and loop as well as dovetail mounting interfaces


    Weight (with lanyard): 103g

    Material: high strength polymer / aluminum

    Dimensions: 2.3" L x 2.7" W x 3.8" H

    Vertical adjustment: 1.3"

    Available colors: black

    Helmet compatibility: Gentex, Alpha Eagle, and more

    NVG compatibility: F4949, M949, AN/AVS 6/9, GPNVG-18, AN/PSQ-36, SENTINEL, E-3

    Warranty: 1 year