Test & Maintenance Equipment

Aviation Specialties Unlimited, Inc. offers everything you need to inspect, service, and repair your NVGs.  We offer an array of Hoffman test equipment NVG test kits, focus systems, purge kits, and toolsets, as well as other specialty items, such as N2- GEN 4 - Compact Nitrogen Generator. In addition to NVG lab equipment, ASU offers NVG Testing and Maintenance repair courses to train your technicians to inspect, service, and repair your NVGs which will minimize downtime and extend the life of your NVG equipment.

N2GEN-4 Low-Pressure Nitrogen Generator

Since 2006 South-Tek Systems has been supporting the nitrogen needs of the US Military with self-sustaining solutions. Our best-in-class nitrogen generation technology is coupled with specific design features for the unique needs of the military. N2GEN systems deliver high-quality nitrogen on-demand for military applications such as: N2GEN-4: “Go-to” low-pressure system for NVD purging in USMC, Army, Air Force and National Guard maintenance shops


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    Nitrogen haNitrogen where and when you need it: Access to quality nitrogen gas can be costly and problematic for maintainers tasked with the service and upkeep of critical equipment and instrumentation, particularly in remote locations overseas. The N2GEN Military Series economically solves this problem and reliably generates nitrogen on-demand anywhere it is needed. With over two decades of experience delivering reliable generators and providing superior customer service, South-Tek has earned a reputation as the nitrogen expert.

    Self-sustainable Nitrogen SOlutions Specifically for the Military

    • No more deliveries
    • Compact Footprint 
    • Simple Maintenance
    • Durable Design
    • Made in the USA

    The N2GEN-4 system is a low-pressure generator specifically designed to deliver nitrogen used to protect NVD’s and optics against moisture during purging and maintenance. The compact design has an on-board air compressor and separate nitrogen storage tank, with quick disconnect for portability. Requiring only a single electrical connection the generator can be wall mounted, installed in mobile shelters, or incorporated into mobile maintenance trailers and containers.


    • NVD’S
    • Sights
    • Electro-optics
    • Weatherproof enclosures
    • Filling tires up to 100 psig
    • Other low-pressure nitrogen uses


    • Guarantee 99% nitrogen purity
    • Low-pressure specifically for optics
    • Oil-free nitrogen delivery
    • Wall or shelf mount options
    • Quick disconnect on tank
    • Replaces current nitrogen charging purge kits
    • Sustainment and field level platforms available
    • Military and commercial air transportable
    • US Army/USMC/TM published on MILnet