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Aviation Specialties Unlimited, Inc. offers everything you need to inspect, service, and repair your NVGs.  We offer an array of Hoffman test equipment NVG test kits, focus systems, purge kits, and toolsets, as well as other specialty items, such as N2- GEN 4 - Compact Nitrogen Generator. In addition to NVG lab equipment, ASU offers NVG Testing and Maintenance repair courses to train your technicians to inspect, service, and repair your NVGs which will minimize downtime and extend the life of your NVG equipment.

ANV-126A NVD Test Set

Hoffman Engineering ANV-126A NVD Test Set



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    Computerized Field Portable NVD Test Set




    The ANV-126A-001 is the test standard in the U.S. Armed Forces, Civil Aviation Operators and is in use in over 25 countries worldwide. Hoffman’s ANV-126A-001 offers a 40 Degree FOV with enhanced visual acuity resolution levels for White and Green Phosphor. The ANV-126A-001 is manufactured to meet and exceed the everchanging customer requirements. 

    The ANV-126A adds a microprocessor to the system electronics, replacing a variety of analog components in the ANV-126. Menus guide the user through test sequences and provide preset test levels in addition to allowing for manual settings. Input test levels for Gain are preset with values (though user adjustable) and ratios arrived at automatically.

    The ANV-126A-001 includes all the necessary electrical hardware and adapters to maintain your NVDs. 

    Additionally, the ANV-126A can be purchased as a module that retrofits into your existing ANV-126 case (ANV126A-UG)

    Product Specifications

    • Field of View: 40 Degree, Full Field.
    • System Gain: Direct reading of gain in real-time, including gain ratio between tubes.
    • Resolution: Visual check for limiting resolution: Patterns 1 through 6
    • High-Light Resolution: 20 fc. Test for Gated and Filmless tubes.
    • Image Quality: Visual checks using projected reticles: (USAF 1951) and Spot Defect Zones (40° FOV), Collimation and Diopter Tests
    • NVD Battery: Complete NVD electrical system evaluation including LBI (Low Battery Indicator).
    • Tube Current: Digital displays of image tube current draw and test voltage.
    • Digital Operation: System prompts and guides test sequence. Digital light level settings.
    • Packaging: Rugged, Portable MIL-Spec Case. Hardware module can be retrofit into existing ANV-126 case.


    • ANV-126-032                Detector Probe (uses NVD Eyepiece Adapter)
    • ANV-126-033                Voltmeter Cable
    • ANV-126-034                Voltmeter Clip Adapter
    • ANV-126-035                3.8 Volt Adapter, for aircraft power simulation
    • ANV-126-040                Diopter Scope (uses NVD Eyepiece Adapter)
    • ANV-126-050                Collimation Bridge (Several Versions Available)
    • ANV-126A-061              NVD Power Adapter, universal clamp-on design (replaces older ANV-126-061 spring load pivot mount design)
    • ANV-126-063                NVD Objective Adapter, 2 x 1.38 inch (35 mm) dia. @ 2.5 inch (63.5 mm) centers, for AN/AVS-9 or compatible NVD
    • ANV-126-067                NVD Objective Adapter, for AN/AVS-9 or compatible NVD w/ LIF Filters
    • ANV-126-068                NVD Eyepiece Adapter (for use with Detector Probe and Diopter Scope) for 1 inch (25 mm) eyepiece
    • ANV-126A-072              D-Size Battery Holder
    • ANV-126-180                Optics Cover Plate, w/detector port & tethered port cover plug
    • ANV-126A-201              AC Power Cord (U.S. Standard 3-Conductor)
    • TM ANV-126A               Operator’s Manual for ANV-126A Test Set