Aspida Helmet

Aspida Helicopter Helmet with the Kairos Retention Assembly improve fit and performance, includes regulating temperature, eliminating odor and static, and is antimicrobial.


Aspida Helmet


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The Aspida™ Helicopter Helmet is here from Paraclete Aviation Life Support.

With Paraclete Aviation Life Support, comfort comes standard. The Kairos™ is integrated with technology to improve fit and performance. The helmet adjusts to you with a twist of the Boa® Closure System. The lace is made of aircraft grade steel and comes with a lifetime guarantee*. The Aspida™ is finished with X-Static® performance fabric on materials that contact the skin. The benefits of this textile include regulating temperature, eliminating odor and static, and is antimicrobial. The Kairos™ retention assembly also incorporates a Fidlock® fastener into the chinstrap. It operates with one hand and has an automatic closing mechanism. Experience something better with the Aspida™ Helicopter Helmet!

Standard Components Include:

  • Kairos™ Retention Assembly with Boa® Closure System and Fidlock® Buckle
  • Lightweight Carbon Fiber Dual Composite Shell
  • Carbon Fiber Visor Cover
  • Volume Control
  • ANVIS NVG Mounting Plate
  • TruQ™ Ear Seals and Hush Kit
  • Nephos™ Comfort Liner with X-Static®
  • Clear & Tinted (Smoke, Inner) Visor Lenses
  • Crushable Ear Cups
  • Stainless Steel Hardware
  • 300 OHM Speakers
  • Braided Coiled or Straight 24 Gauge Communications Cable
  • Flex Rail Mic Boom
  • Braided Mic Cable
  • M-7 Electret Microphone
  • Paraclete EPS Shock Liner

6 Step Finishing Process

The Aspida™ Helicopter Helmet goes through a 6 Step Finishing Process to ensure a quality look that we are proud of.

Standard Color Options:

  • Gloss White
  • Gloss Blue
  • Gloss Black
  • Gloss Red
  • OD Green
  • Coast Guard Metallic Blue
  • Metallic Titanium
  • Metallic Silver
  • Custom color options available upon request.

Shell Size: Extra Large or Regular. The thickness of comfort liner variesto accommodate a large variety of head sizes.