Success Stories

Dawn Mancuso, Association of Air Medical Services

"ASU has been a long-term member of our association. Through our cooperative working relationship, we've been able to educate the air medical service programs about the value of NVGs and how to operate them effectively on behalf of the patients that we serve. It's been a wonderful, long-standing relationship"

Jerry Slit, Life Flight Program Coordinator -  Geisinger Health Systems

"There were a number of goggle vendors out there, and we looked at all of them when we started our NVG Program, and ASU rose to the top. We had some feedback from other customers that had positive experiences with them. That's when the exploration started, and we developed a relationship with them in early 2008. The crews that are using them are very happy with them. There are lots of vendors out there but what brings companies to the top is customer service and customer relations and being open and honest with us. We are very pleased and look forward to a long lasting relationship moving forward."


Milton Geltz, Managing Director, Metro Aviation

"We did our first business with ASU 5 years ago; we saw a good value that became a good working relationship with ASU. They are very responsive to what we wanted and with our various models of aircraft it was quite a challenge to get everything in place and get the schedule moving.  I was extremely pleased we were able to work through our entire fleet of aircraft in less than 2.5 years in addition to doing all of the new custom aircraft that were coming into the hanger. They were very responsive and resourceful in meeting our needs so we're very pleased with that and it's a good value. NVGs is a staple in our organization, and we don't go without it anymore."


Sgt. Dave Thompson, Sonoma City Sheriff's Office - Helicopter Unit

We've been flying NVGs since 2001, and we were the first 407 cockpit to be certified NVG in the nation, so that's our connection to ASU. There's story after story that starts with 'It's a dark and stormy night' for everyone else, but not for us because we're wearing these goggles and see right through it. We're in the blackest of black areas where you can't see your hand in front of your face but pop those goggles on, and it's like daylight out there. We've had lots of stories of hikers being lost in dark areas, and we'll fly in and see the glow from their phone while their on the phone with dispatch, we see the phone against their face with the NVGs and boom, we've got em. Without the NVGs we'd be searching with a spotlight for a long time but with the NVGs it dials us right in, we get to the people, get them out of there, it's not drama--it's done."


Sgt Gregg Weitzman, Santa Barbara Sheriffs Office - Air Support Unit

Since flying in 1997, we were one of the first agencies on the west coast to purchase the ITT 4949 goggle. We were one of ASU's first customers. They came out and trained us. We have saved hundreds of lives in night-time search and rescue operations. One of the companies that we deal with that we've never had a negative experience, we use them for our 180-day goggle inspections, we send them in and have them back within a week, it's an unbelievable turnaround time. We've never had any maintenance, training issue what-so-ever. Their customer support is awesome. When I call, I always get a hold of someone. I wish all of the companies we dealt with in our aviation industry, were are responsible and responsive as they are."