Helitech NVG Working Group

Please join other NVG operators, industry leaders and the NVG Working Group in a mediated panel discussion on Shaping the Future of Night Vision Operations in Europe. The international panel is to discuss night vision imaging system (NVIS) regulatory policies, procedures and operational issues as it impacts aerial operations. This panel would consist of industry NVIS modifiers and international program manager to discuss current NVIS policy as well as what is anticipated for the future. Visit the Helitech Round Table Program page.


NVG Working Group presents:

Shaping the Future of Night Vision Operations in Europe

Wednesday, 17 October, 2018  | 9:00 am to 12:00 pm 
At Helitech International 2018, Amsterdam RAI
Coffee, water and pastries served

Mediated discussion to include pre-approved questions about:

NVG Inspection/Certification
STC Modification/FMS
NVG Operations/Training
Other topics based on attendee interest - View Questions

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Proposed Schedule (Subject to Change)

09:00 - 15 min welcome/sign in
09:15 - 15 min Event intro – ASU
09:30 - Panel discussion
10:30 - 15 min Break
10:45 - Resume Panel Discussion
11:30 - Define takeaways and follow-up items



Sponsoring the Helitech NVG Working Group panel discussion is an easy way to introduce your organization to a growing group of proactive operators, regulators, and industry professionals that are blazing the trail to safer and more effective NVG operations in Europe and beyond. Your support demonstrates your dedication to the advancement of this life-saving technology and will help cover the cost of the room and refreshments. Download sponsorship details and form here. Sponsorships due September 14, 2018.




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A limited number of sponsors of the Night Vision Working Group discussion will receive special recognition during the event and opportunities to address the group. Expressing interest will simply allow us to contact you with more sponsorship details.


The panel will address pre-approved questions and topics with a priority on common themes that arise from attendee registrations. Please submit two questions or topics youd like addressed by the panel from one of the following tracks

  • NVG Inspection/Certification
  • STC Modification/FMS
  • NVG Operations/Training


Submit a topic or question that you'd like the panel to discuss outside of the recommended topics.