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Military, law enforcement, search & rescue, and adventure professionals around the world turn to Team Wendy® helmets to protect their most valued assets. ASU is a proud dealer of the U.S. made helmets by Team Wendy®, industry leaders in the design and development of cutting edge headborne systems.

L4 G24 Low Profile Breakaway/Three-Hole Shroud

The Wilcox L4 G24/G70 Low Profile Breakaway Mount allows firm attachment of a variety of NVGs to a MICH/ACH and Crye Airframe helmet drilled with a standard three-hole configuration. Available in Black or Tan, and with or without Three-Hole Shroud and Lanyard

L4 G24 Low Profile Breakaway/Three-Hole Shroud


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Maintains a very low profile stance on the helmet. Each mechanical adjustment is durable and ergonomically positioned for easy one-handed operation while handling a weapon.

Breakaway feature allows mount to break away under stress, or to securely lock in place by means of a breakaway lever. Wilcox NVG Lanyard Assembly (see

TDS078). Provides a secure attachment to an array of NVG devices preventing loss of the NVG. Mount Locks into place in the operational and stowed positions. Provides over-travel in the fully extended position to minimize the profile of the mount. Wilcox L4 G70 configuration features a Wilcox Three Hole shroud, and provides easy attachment.

  1. Lock Release Lever allows NVG height to be easily adjusted up or down, then secured.
  2. A Breakaway Release Lever allows the operator to easily set the desirable mode (breakaway or locked), depending upon operational needs.
  3. An ergonomically placed Flip Release Button allows the Mount to “flip up” to a stowed position when the goggle is attached.
  4. A Tilt Adjustment Knob allows the operator to fine adjust the tilt angle of the NVG.
  5. A Mount Release Lever allows attachment and removal of the mount.
  6. A Fore/Aft Release Lever allows for fore/aft travel of the goggle. Releasing the lever allows the operator to set the fore/aft position of the goggle.
  7. An ergonomically placed NVG Release Button allows for one handed release of the NVG.
  8.  A Three Hole Shroud with Lanyard fits MICH/ACH and Crye Airframe style helmets.