Test & Maintenance Equipment

Aviation Specialties Unlimited, Inc. offers test equipment from Hoffman engineering. We offer an array of factory upgrade maintenance kits, focus systems, and purge kits, tool sets, as well as other specialty items, such as N2- GEN 4 - Compact Nitrogen Generator. Kits are easy to operate, with detailed instructions for fast and effective maintenance.

N2- GEN 4 - Compact Nitrogen Generator

Introducing the N2- GEN 4 - Compact Nitrogen Generator for use with Optics and Night Vision devices. On-demand Nitrogen Generator eliminates the need for high pressure bottles and outside Nitrogen source. Designed & Manufactured by South-Tek Systems, the leader in Nitrogen Generation Technology.


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    Nitrogen has been utilized successfully for years and has been proven to protect against moisture, NVD’s, and optics. Nitrogen, which makes up 79% of the air we breathe, is the perfect solution for moisture protection. Nitrogen is inert and by displacing the oxygen within optics parts with a low pressure slow flow Nitrogen purge, you eliminate oxygen and moisture during maintenance. The N2-GEN 4 HC is a mobile Nitrogen Generator designed for quick deployment and the only on-site N2 generator authorized for servicing the ANVIS.


    • The air contains 79% Nitrogen; our systems mechanically filter out the other gases, concentrating the N2 into a storage tank for your process usage.

    • Condition Based Maintenance (CBM+)

    • Significantly Lower Life Cycle Cost - Can replace all current Nitrogen charging purge kits.

    • No Special Tools required

    • Imbedded Diagnostics

    • Sustainment and Field Level platforms available

    • Increased Safety - Eliminates high pressure bottles

    • High reliability due to simple airflow designs

    • Utilizes lower operating and delivery pressures

    • Nitrogen on demand as needed



    -Inert, clean, dry, non-flammable gas

    -Has a true -40o to -70o F dew point

    -Does not support the corrosion reaction

    -Prevents the formation of ice blockages

    -Prevents oxidation of non-metallic components

    -Targets both Aerobic and Anaerobic Bacteria


    Engineering Specifications

    N2 GEN 4 - 100 - 18P - R Nitrogen Generator Includes:

    • Integrated 1/2 horsepower compressor

    • N2 Storage Tank included

    • Optical Air Purge Kit Connection included

    • Integrated BlastOff TM - Leak Detection System

    • Built-in Service Indicator

    • Electrical: 110 Volts / 60 Hz / 1 Phase

    • Quick disconnect on both the intake and discharge of Storage tank

    • Threaded Chuck for E1255 connection


    Product Specifications:

    Series: N2-GEN 4 - Cabinet

    N2 Purity - 99.0+%

    N2 Pressure Out (max) - 100 PSIG

    N2 Storage Tank - 28 Gallons

    Cabinet Size (in) - 32 x 16 x 11

    Cabinet Wt (lbs) - 75

    Maintenance – Annual (Filter Kits)