Weapons & Observation

Aviation Specialties Unlimited, Inc. (ASU) offers imaging and ranging equipment from top manufacturers. Both durable and lightweight, many of these devices are also equipped with the ability to capture, store, and download images to a personal computer.

ASU is a leading provider in weapons night vision scopes, offering technologies by L3. We deliver scopes fit for rugged military requirements and ever changing environments, that are both easy to operate and long lasting.

ASU is a leading provider in weapon mountable aiming and illumination equipment from top manufacturers. We offer a range of technologies including lasers for target acquisition, infrared filters for use with night vision devices for area illumination in complete darkness.


The new Ecliptus product is a digital intensified night vision system coupling a ultra high definition (4X HD)  GoPro Hero 4 camera to a high performance Generation III image intensifier.



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This is the only night vision system that images extremely low light scenes (overcast starlight) in ultra HD and HD formats, captures these images in many hours of internal recording storage (~9 hours HD video), and is able to real time disseminate these images/videos through wireless communications (WiFi) to other digital networks or portable cloud computing devices. This system can be applied to any commercial application requiring ultra HD imaging, capture, and dissemination of real time video of night vision scenes.

Field of View 40º
Dimensions 4.25” L X 3.5” W X 3.0” H
Weight 13.7 ounces
Analog Sensor Generation III Image Intensifier
Digital Sensor GoPro Hero 4
Battery Type AA
Frame Rate 60Hz 1080p NTSC/PAL
Image Capture Options Still Frame 12MP,
Burst @ 30fps 12MP