Weapons & Observation

Aviation Specialties Unlimited, Inc. (ASU) offers imaging and ranging equipment from top manufacturers. Both durable and lightweight, many of these devices are also equipped with the ability to capture, store, and download images to a personal computer.

ASU is a leading provider in weapons night vision scopes, offering technologies by L3. We deliver scopes fit for rugged military requirements and ever changing environments, that are both easy to operate and long lasting.

ASU is a leading provider in weapon mountable aiming and illumination equipment from top manufacturers. We offer a range of technologies including lasers for target acquisition, infrared filters for use with night vision devices for area illumination in complete darkness.

Rapid Targeting Module - Lite (RAPTAR-LITE)

The Wilcox Rapid Targeting Module - Lite (RAPTAR-LITE) is designed to be mounted to a wide variety of weapon platforms configured for MIL-STD-1913 RIS/RAS and STANAG-4694 rails. The RAPTAR-LITE is available in three versions with different laser options. The eye safe version (G10) uses a low power Class 1 IR laser that features a <0.7mw rating which is eye safe and not restricted for civilian use by the FDA.

Rapid Targeting Module - Lite (RAPTAR-LITE)


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Wilcox Rapid Targeting Module - Lite (RAPTAR-LITE)

Available in RAPTAR-LITE (Black), RAPTAR-LITE (Lusterless Brown), RAPTAR-LITE,HP (Black), RAPTAR-LITE,HP (Lusterless Brown), RAPTAR-LITE,ES (Black), and RAPTAR-LITE,ES (Lusterless Brown).

RAPTAR-LITE harnesses and fuses an Infra Red (IR) Laser, a Visible Laser, IR Flood, and a SureFire flashlight. Designed to be repairable unlike any current system in the field. Expandable with emerging technology, producing an overall cost savings throughout the lifecycle.

1. The RAPTAR-LITE identifies targets and threats with the Visible Flashlight.

2. Equipped with a variable focus infrared illuminator, an infrared aiming laser, and a red visible aiming laser; all lasers are co-aligned within .5 mrad.

3. User “On The Fly” Laser, IR Illuminator, Red/IR Pointer and Flashlight Intensity control.

4. “Laser Safety Key” prevents unauthorized access to High Power Lasers.

5. Lighter than the PEQ-16 and is also upgradable and repairable.

6. An easy-to-read LED display indicates the selected mode, easily selectable high and low power settings.

7. No special tools are required for installation or removal.

8. Easily upgraded and maintained. Overall cost savings achieved throughout the lifecycle of the system. Ruggedized for durability and reliability for an all weather environment.