Weapons & Observation

Aviation Specialties Unlimited, Inc. (ASU) offers imaging and ranging equipment from top manufacturers. Both durable and lightweight, many of these devices are also equipped with the ability to capture, store, and download images to a personal computer.

ASU is a leading provider in weapons night vision scopes, offering technologies by L3. We deliver scopes fit for rugged military requirements and ever changing environments, that are both easy to operate and long lasting.

ASU is a leading provider in weapon mountable aiming and illumination equipment from top manufacturers. We offer a range of technologies including lasers for target acquisition, infrared filters for use with night vision devices for area illumination in complete darkness.

Weapon Para Grips with Bipod

The Wilcox Line of Weapon Grips features a patented mounting interface which allows for quick attachment to the MIL-STD-1913 rail. This line features non-powered grips: one with a steady mount and one with a collapsible mount that stows below the weapon rail. A Universal Control Grip provides unsurpassed control of a variety of weapon mounted lasers and tactical flashlights.

Weapon Para Grips with Bipod


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Weapon Para Grips with Bipod

Ergonomically Correct Grip is Ribbed Vertically and Horizontally to Prevent Slippage During Weapons Fire. Optional Removable Bipod Extends with the Push of a Button and Easily Collapses to a stowed position. Optional Removable Battery Stowage  Compartment Easily Threads on in Place of the Removable Bipod, Providing  Stowage for Two (2) 123A Batteries. Flats Located Left and Right of the Grip Allow Attachment of Remote Connector Cables (Sold Separately) for Controlling a Variety of Lasers and Tactical Flashlights. New Integrated Electronic Design Eliminates Strip Switches that Interfere with Operation for which the Vertical Grip is Intended Simple Pre-Select for Flashlight, Laser, or Flashlight and Laser. Provides Momentary or Constant Activation. Ergonomically Positioned Activation Buttons Located on Left or Right Side Allow for Control of the Flashlight and Laser without Losing Grip during Operation.