Weapons & Observation

Aviation Specialties Unlimited, Inc. (ASU) offers imaging and ranging equipment from top manufacturers. Both durable and lightweight, many of these devices are also equipped with the ability to capture, store, and download images to a personal computer.

ASU is a leading provider in weapons night vision scopes, offering technologies by L3. We deliver scopes fit for rugged military requirements and ever changing environments, that are both easy to operate and long lasting.

ASU is a leading provider in weapon mountable aiming and illumination equipment from top manufacturers. We offer a range of technologies including lasers for target acquisition, infrared filters for use with night vision devices for area illumination in complete darkness.

AERONOX - Ground Interface

The AERONOX Ground Interface allows NVG mounts with the 4 pin QD configuration to be mounted to a ground style helmet. This lightweight reinforced system provides reliable operation under the toughest conditions. Its modular design is easily repairable which further reduces costs over the products lifetime. Compatible with hybrid one/three-hole shroud as well as lo-pro three-hole rail shroud.

AERONOX - Ground Interface



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- QD interface allows for quick and easy mounting and removal.

- Adaptor release lever ensures a solid fit into ground style shrouds

- Mount relase button provides fast and familiar removal of NVG mount

- Compatible with one-hole,three-hole and rail shroud interfaces


Weight: 68g

Material: high strength polymer / aluminum

Dimensions: 3.3L x 1.6W x 1.5 H

Available colors: black

Warranty: 1 year