Test equipment

ASU Test Equipment

 ASU offers test equipment from Hoffman engineering. We offer an array of factory upgrade kits, focus systems, and purge kits, as well as other specialty items.

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Hoffman 126-A Test Set Calibration Service
Having your NVG test set calibrated and ready to test ensures your operators are safe and ...
Compact Nitrogen Purge Kit
ASU?s Compact Nitrogen Purge Kit is specially designed for the maintenance of ANVIS and PV...
N2GEN-4 Low-Pressure Nitrogen Generator
Since 2006 South-Tek Systems has been supporting the nitrogen needs of the US Military wit...
N2GEN-4HC Portable LP Nitrogen Generator
The N2GEN 4-HC nitrogen generator incorporates all of the features, convenience and reliab...
Purge Kit Adapter, ANVIS

ASU ANVIS Purge Adapter

Purge Kit Adapter, PVS

ASU PVS Purge Adapter

Specialized Tool Set 14T1001
This portable, efficient Specialized Tool Set is designed to provide the night vision gogg...
Specialized Tool Set 9T1001
This portable, efficient Specialized Tool Set provides night vision goggle maintainers wit...
ANV 126A-UG Factory Upgrade Kit

Hoffman Engineering ANV 126A-UG Factory Upgrade Kit

ANV-126A NVD Test Set

Hoffman Engineering ANV-126A NVD Test Set

ANV-20/20 Infinity Focus System

Hoffman Engineering ANV-20/20 Infinity Focus System

HVS-126A Hoffman Vision System

The HVS-126A Hoffman Vision System is a computerized system to evaluate NVG image quality.

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