Unmatched Experience

As the forerunner in the night-vision-goggle (NVG) flight training industry, and with over a decade of civil operational experience, ASU is firmly established with flight operations worldwide as the leader in Night Vision Training.

So, what sets ASU apart from any other NVG training provider?

Our Experience

  • ASU is a FAR Part §135 Night Vision Goggle Operator and FAR Part §135 NVG Training provider.  We use them as well as teach them!  ASU received FAR Part §135 NVG Operations approval in September 2002 – the first non-EMS NVG commercial operator in the U.S.
  • ASU also operates a FAR Part §141 Aviation School that includes NVG Training.
  • Providing NVG ground and flight training for the first unrestricted (takeoff to land) EMS NVG operator in the U.S., ASU was instrumental in the introduction of EMS Night Vision Goggle Operations in the United States.  ASU still leads the industry in all aspects of NVG training.
  • ASU is the world leader in civil night vision goggle training with over 1,000 pilots and 2,600 flight crew trained at over 255 locations worldwide.  Flying with many different organizations and pilots enables ASU instructors to continuously refine our course of instruction and incorporate fresh ideas and new techniques.

Our Customers

  • ASU has provided NVG training to nearly every major EMS provider in the United States to include:
    • EMS (Domestic and International)
    • Law Enforcement (Domestic and International)
    • Fire Rescue - Aviation / SAR Sections (Domestic and International)
    • Mapping and Survey companies
    • Military (International) 
  • ASU is the exclusive provider of NVG training to:
    • FAA Aviation Safety Inspectors
    • US Department of Interior Aviation Management Directive.

Our Staff

  • ASU instructor pilots were the first in the nation to be granted FAA Night Vision Goggle endorsement authority.  All ASU CFI’s hold NVG endorsement authority complying with FAR Part §61.31, §61.195 and are designated FAR Part §135 Check Airmen.
  • All ASU NVG flight instructors have extensive civil and military NVG flight experience, something that is rare in the NVG training industry.  While it is common for NVG instructors to have a military background, very few NVG Instructors have worked as a civil pilot flying with night vision goggles.  Our NVG instructors have worked as FAR Part §135 line pilots flying both with and without NVG’s at night – we feel your pain!  They have flown NVGs in nearly every environment on earth; from arctic to the equator,  mountainous to open ocean,  desert to jungle, rural farmland to most major U.S cities (including many international cities), and nearly everything in between!
  • ASU instructors combined, have over 9,000 hours of night vision goggle experience and over 53,000 hours total flight time!  Kindly do not ask how many years that is…

Our Capabilities and Syllabus

ASU’s NVG ground and flight training syllabus focuses on how best to optimize the use of NVG’s in civil flying operations including:

  • Effective use of aircraft search lights to locate obstacles (Transmission towers, power lines, etc)
  • Landing to brightly lighted areas (Simulated scene and hospital landing areas)
  • Remote area operations (low light conditions)
  • Flat light, brownout and whiteout situations
  • Aircraft emergency procedures
  • NVG Emergency Procedures
  • FAR Part §61.31(k) NVG Subject Areas
  • FAR Parts §61 and 91 Operations (NVG Specific)
  • FAR Part §135 Operations (NVG Specific)

Advanced NVG Flight Operations:  In addition to the “normal” NVG training listed above, ASU has provided advanced NVG training for the following special operations.

  • Search and Rescue
  • NVG Hoist / Winching
  • NVG Aerial Firefighting (Belly Tank)
  • Law Enforcement
  • Tactical NVG General Operations (Military and Para-military)
  • NVG Formation Flight for both tactical and non-tactical operations (Military and Para-military)
  • NVG Tactical Low Level and Nap of the Earth (NOE) flight (Military and Para-military)
  • NVG Tactical Fast Rope / Abseiling (Military and Para-military / Law Enforcement)
  • NVG Tactical Sniping (Military and Para-military / Law Enforcement)
  • NVG Aerial Gunnery (Military and Para-military / Law Enforcement)