Online Recurrent Training

ASU is excited to offer an instructor lead web-based recurrent training to part 135 operators both domestically and internationally. The program meets and exceeds 8900.1 guidance for 135 operators and will be 100% online, live and interactive. The course is designed to review NVG operational techniques and aeromedical factors during all phases of flight. Students will also learn NVG regulatory and procedural guidance on IAW 14 CFR 61.31 (k)1.

Individual Course and Group Courses  Please contact or 208-426-8117 for rates and group discounts

Add-On Available: ASU NVG Ground Guide Manual – ASU has spent over 25 years researching and perfecting the art of flying NVG’s and navigating the numerous rules and regulations. ASU has assembled this knowledge in an all-encompassing manual for ease of research and reference all year long. 

Available only in English

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