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  • ASU carries finest in night vision goggles with models available for military & civil needs.
  • Our trained staff can service and certify your night vision goggles quickly.
  • We are a FAR Part §135 training provider with a decade of night vision goggle flight training.
  • We specialize in Night Vision Imaging Systems (NVIS) aircraft lighting  modifications.
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Night Vision News

By: Scott Emerine - ASU Media Contact

(ORLANDO, FLORIDA - March 5, 2015) United States, Boise, Idaho based Aviation Specialties Unlimited...

By: Scott Emerine - ASU Media Contact

(ORLANDO, FLORIDA ? March 4, 2015) Aviation Specialties Unlimited Inc., (ASU) announced today, from...

Night Vision Tech: The Big Picture
The benefits of night vision technology to the civil world have finally become tough to dispute, especial...

Argentine article regarding civilian uses for NVG's:

Note: Article is written in Spanish

L3 Electro-Optical Systems