Night Vision Training | Specialized Courses

When you need training, choose ASU’s flexible and specialized pilot and crew training programs. Our team of military-trained instructors will design a program around your goals. Specialized courses include mission-specific initial, recurrent, CFI, and maintenance training.

Flexible options allow you to train in our diverse environment at our headquarters in Boise, Idaho, or at your location with your aircraft.

FAA certifications in Part 133, 135, 137 and 141.

Diverse Training Environment

Should your organization choose to execute the training in Boise, Idaho, you will not be disappointed. In one flight, you will experience mountain peaks, valleys, confined spaces, over water, dense forest, and arid desert covered with dust or snow. Idaho boasts more backcountry airstrips than any other state in the lower 48! Adding the unique diversity of this environment to the NVG experience is what sets ASU above the rest.

Rotary Wing NVG Training Environment Using Bell 505

Rotory wing / Helicopter Training Environment Using Bell 505

This terrain map shows the vast amounts of training areas available to our customers. From the beginning of Lucky Peak reservoir (1st turnpoint for route beginning at the bottom of the picture below) and many miles beyond it to the North and East, the area is an approved nap-of-the earth training location that offers many different challenges including over water flight, pinnacle landings, confined space operations, and both snow/dust landings depending on season. Also available inside the Boise Class C airspace is a landing strip that may be used for traffic patterns as needed to hone proficiency in scanning with NVG’s while gaining comfort operating the Bell 505.

Fixed Wing NVG Training Environment Using cessna 206

The attached snapshot displays the commonly used training locations for airplane students. Multiple runways both lit and unlit are scattered throughout the Treasure Valley region with immediate climbs in elevation and complete darkness available north and south of these airports. Experience the challenges and beauty of elevated backcountry while flying with the highest quality NVG’s and skilled instructors. Whether you operate in large metropolitan areas or in the middle of the desert, Boise offers a mix of just about everything except humidity.

ASU also maintains an FAA Approved Part 141  Flight School for initial private pilot certification. Training is conducted in Boise, Idaho, in a Bell 505 and Cessna 206.


The ATS Device, the safest, most effective Spatial Disorientation training available, trains pilots for DVE, such as inadvertent instrument meteorological conditions (IIMC) from reduced visual cues as with snow, dust, fog, and low-contrast environments. Compatible with both NVGs or HUD.