Need to modify an aircraft’s configuration?
Need a single point of contact for drawing updates?
Let ASU’s dedicated team of ECO specialists help.

We’ve done thousands of ECOs and can make the process painless for you. We take the weight off your shoulders and get you back in the air as quickly as possible. A typical ECO with us takes one to three weeks, depending on the scope of requested changes.

An Engineering Change Order (ECO) can be used to make minor changes such as:

  • Equipment relocation
  • Adding new previously approved equipment
  • Wiring/electrical changes
  • Updating of lighting system
  • Updating depictions of aircraft equipment

Get started today by completing our ECO Request Form. You’ll email this form, aircraft photos and marked up ICA appendices to us. We’ll get back to you with a quote right away. Usually within 1 business day.

We’ll work with you to ensure we’ve captured your desired changes before updating the drawings. Once you’ve approved, we do all the paperwork and submit to the FAA for approval. Afterwards you’ll have final drawings and approved ECO for your records.

Questions? Email us at

Get started by filling out this request form. First ECO request from ASU? Scroll down to see our process.

Engineering Change Order Request

Contact Information:

Billing Information:

If billing information is different, please share the correct billing information.

The following are required:

1. High quality photographs of the areas to be modified. Please include photos of the instrument panel, overhead, and center console.

2. A marked up copy of the aircraft specific ICA Appendices. Write legibly on the drawings with red pen and provide locations, model numbers, and other pertinent information.

File Upload:

Add the accepted file types pdf, jpg, jpeg, png
Accepted file types: pdf, jpg, jpeg, png, Max. file size: 100 MB.

ECO Process

Following this process ensures your ECO request is processed in the most timely and accurate manner.

Fill out the ECO request form above. Drag and drop these into the form:

You’ll receive a quote back within 1 business day, often within an hour.

Drawing update process begins with your signed quote approval.

When you’re happy with the drawings we’ll submit for DER/FAA approval and wrap up the project.