As an operator with more than 10,000 cumulative hours of night vision flight hours and a night vision imaging system integrator with more than 40 years of experience, Aviation Specialties Unlimited, Inc. (ASU) understands the importance of keeping your aircraft mission ready–day or night. ASU is dedicated to safeguarding the people that serve, protect, rescue and defend by integrating our night vision imaging systems products and services.


ASU, Inc. holds the following Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) certifications/endorsements:

Supplemental Type Certificates (STC)

Night Vision Imaging System modifications are required to maximize visual acuity and safety. ASU offers 47 STCs covering over 80 makes and models of aircraft (rotary and fixed wing). ASU is the clear leader in cockpit modifications for night vision goggle flight operations, with the most STCs of FAA-approved cockpit modifications and over 1,200 operational commercial installations. If there is an aircraft modification needed and the specific STC is not on the list, ASU will ensure they get that specific STC


ASU is dedicated to supporting their customers with a streamlined Engineering Change Order (ECO) process and in-house manufacturing of PMA parts to minimize downtime and keep your aircraft mission ready. Our ECO process keeps you in compliance with the FAA or your aviation authority when upgrading or adding new equipment to your modified aircraft. Go to our ECO page.
Our PMA department provides approved parts shipped directly to you as needed to minimize downtime and keep you’re your NVIS modified aircraft mission ready.


Initial and recurrent NVG pilot and crew training is critical to the success and safety of any NVG flight operations. ASU has trained more than 6,000 pilots and crew. All ASU Night Vision Training flight instructors have extensive civil and military NVG flight experience, a rarity in the training industry. They’ve flown NVGs in nearly every environment on earth, from the arctic to the equator, mountainous to open ocean, desert to jungle, rural farmland to most major U.S. cities (and many international cities), and nearly everything in between. ASU has over 40 years Night Vision Goggles flight experience and all flight instructors are FAA approved with both, CFI & CFII for Rotocraft Helicopter and Fixed-Wing Single and Multi-engine.


ASU assisted in the development of the first unrestricted Part 135 NVG Operation in the US and has over 20 years in aviation maintenance and modification experience. The experienced staff members at ASU have airframe and power plant licensing/certification, as well as inspection authorization, with over 1,200 aircraft modified.


ASU recently entered into a Distributor Agreement with Harris Corporation and L3, making ASU an authorized reseller for both Harris’ and L3 Technical Standard Order (TSO) Night Vision Goggles (NVGs). ASU customers can now expect quick and streamlined quoting, leading to faster purchasing and delivery. The TSO assures operators that Harris NVG materials and parts meet or exceed FAA design and production standards for flight safety.