ASU Completes Second Sikorsky S-76C++ for Petroleum Helicopters

ASU has completed their second night vision modification for a Sikorsky S-76C++ aircraft owned and operated by PHI, Inc, headquartered in Lafayette, LA. The aircraft is a new aircraft that has been specifically designed to serve the oil and gas industry offshore. The aircraft is equipped with cardiac monitors with 12-lead EKG capability, transport ventilators and intravenous pumps, and a dedicated Lifeport medical interior with two patient capability. The aircraft is the second PHI aircraft to be certified and equipped with night vision goggles for use in the Gulf of Mexico.

PHI is a leader in support of deepwater oil and gas exploration in the Gulf of Mexico, serving installations more than 200 miles offshore in nearly 10,000 feet of water. PHI’s fleet is well suited to meet the deepwater needs to their customers, as they venture farther into the Gulf of Mexico.

PHI is considered an industry leader in innovation. As the industry progresses into the 21st century, PHI is prepared for the challenge.

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