Image Intensifier Tubes

Aviation Specialties Unlimited, Inc. offers a variety of image intensifiers.  Image intensifier tubes can be considered one of the most important modules of night vision devices that could play a crucial role in defense/security/industrial applications. We carry both film and thin film intensifiers, as well as a variety of replacement parts.

The Gen 3 photocathode is very sensitive to low radiation levels of visible and especially near infrared light. It also provides very high signal-to-noise ratio (SNR) for extended detection ranges at very low light levels. Additionally, intensifiers provide exceptional resolution and the MCP has a thin ion-barrier film that preserves photocathode sensitivity during operation, greatly extending the life of Gen 3 tubes.

F9800 Image Intensifier, Gen 3, 18-MM

F9400/F9800M16G/M18G/M20G 18-MM Gen 3 Image intensifiers are engineered for night vision systems used in aviation, ground, weapons sights, and OEM applications.


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    F9800 Image Intensifier, Gen 3, 18-MM

    Performance: F9400/F9800M16G/M18G/M20G

    Each of these intensifiers features a high-efficiency GaAs photocathode bonded to a glass input window, a microchannel plate current amplifier and a P-43 phosphor screen on an inverting fiber optic output window. These technologies deliver a very high Signal-to-Noise Ratio (SNR) for extended detection ranges and exceptional resolution in no and low-light conditions. This series is enhanced with the world’s fastest auto‑gated power supply for outstanding response in high‑light or light-polluted urban environments. ASU offers tube options with different performance levels that comply with U.S. DoS and DoD guidelines for Gen 3 export. They are available in white phosphor (F9400 (P-45)) and green phosphor (F9800) configurations.