No Stress NVG Service Plans

A service agreement with ASU is the simplest way to protect your NVG Investment. You’ll receive quick and professional service from ASU’s dedicated staff of trained personnel to complete the required inspections and 180-day recertification—normally within 48 hours of receipt of equipment. For more information please contact the Goggle Servicing Department Click HERE or call (208) 287-5394

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ASU is an FAA certified 14 CFR Part 145 Repair Station offering inspection, certification and repair of the following:

  • AVS-9 (M949 & F4949)
  • AVS-6
  • PVS-7
  • PVS-23
  • PVS-14
  • PVS-15
  • PVS-18

Service plan options to meet your needs

With our convenient one and three-year service plans are a simple option to keep your goggles maintained and in service.  With these plans you’ll get your NVG 180-day certification with ease, receive a discount on replacement parts, and get free labor up to $100 value per event.

Contact the ASU NVG Service Center for service plan details 208-287-5394 or use the form below

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NVG Service Center

Aviation Specialties Unlimited, Inc’s Goggle Servicing Department has a full time dedicated staff of trained personnel for the servicing, repair, and maintenance of Night Vision Imaging Systems (NVIS) and accessories with a history of quality and excellence unsurpassed in the industry.

After a 20 year legacy as the Sole Source Aviation Dealer, ASU has earned the honor of becoming a Master Distributor for L-3 Warrior Systems Aviation Night Vision worldwide. ASU is also a Factory Authorized Service Center for the Testing, Certification, and Repair for all civil aviation operations.


Inspection & Repair

Customer Expectations

The FAA and the manufacturers require a 180-day inspection/re-certification for Night Vision Imaging Systems (NVIS).  ASU’s manufacturer certified technicians are authorized to perform this inspection and re-certification in accordance with the manufacturer and FAA’s specifications and requirements.

In addition to the inspections and re-certifications, ASU’s certified technicians are authorized by the manufacturers to perform repairs in accordance with the current manufacturer provided repair manuals and support.

ASU currently offers the inspection, re-certification, and repair for the following Night Vision Imaging Systems:

  • AN/AVS-9 (F4949 & M949)
  • AN/AVS-6
  • PVS-7
  • PVS-23
  • PVS-14 
  • PVS-15

For more information please contact the Goggle Servicing Department Click HERE or call (208) 287-5394. 

ASU has refined its processes to lessen the down time experienced by our customers during the inspection and re-certification of their equipment.  ASU’s personnel, certifications, and endorsements combined with the ability to complete the required inspections and re-certifications, normally within 72 hours of the receipt of equipment, makes ASU the clear choice of all of your Night Vision Imaging Systems needs.


Technical Manual Revision Dates                                                                                                              

TM D206794-036 - October 2016 (Rev C)

TM F4949-2 - April 2017 (Rev E)