Congratulations to AT Systems

Congrats to Tyson Phillips and Andre Lavallee, at AT Systems for taking another step forward in helping solve the DVE induced spatial disorientation problem. AT Systems awarded Army airworthiness for in-aircraft helmet mounted DVE training system

Man Vs. Machine & Meteorology | In-flight DVE & IIMC Training

Training pilots in flight with a visor-based training device to overcome confusion from the visual and vestibular systems in degraded visual environments (DVE). By Jennifer Ferrero, shared with permission from  Northwest Aerospace News | May 2022 Edition Humans have overcome amazing odds in taking flight. Helicopters fly around 10,000 feet (about the height of Mount St. Helens), and […]

ASU, AT Systems partner to take on spatial disorientation

Aviation Specialties Unlimited, Inc. (ASU), a trusted provider that’s been enhancing pilot visual acuity with night vision solutions for more than 25 years, has partnered with a training device innovator, AT Systems, to turn the tides—obscuring pilot sight—in the name of safety. With a shared vision of advancing aviation safety, the companies formalized their partnership […]