Norwegian Air Ambulance E3 Night Vision Goggles and Cockpit Modifications

ASU Inc., Skytec AS and Norwegian Air Ambulance representatives celebrate new contract for 14 E3 night vision goggles and five night vision cockpit modifications.

Aviation Specialties Unlimited, Inc. announced an agreement with Skytec AS today from European Rotors. The agreement will deliver 14 new ASU E3 night vision goggles and five cockpit modifications for the Norwegian Air Ambulance. “We have been working with clients in Europe for years and hold EASA STCs for H145 and H135 aircraft operated by […]

The “Why” behind E3

Aviation Specialties Unlimited's new lightweight night vision goggle E3

This post describes the insights and concerns that spurred the creation of E3, our innovative lightweight night vision goggle. Limited ANVIS System Improvements: Over the last 40 years, the ANVIS system has seen minimal advancements, except for incremental improvements in image tube performance (e.g., FOM) and a transition from P43 Green to P45 White output […]

E3 Night Vision Goggle Passed FAA-TSO 164a

Pilot wearing E3 night vision goggles

We are delighted to share that our originally designed E3 night vision goggle has successfully passed all environmental testing required for TSO 164a. Testing includes all of the following: Standard Operational Performance Requirements E3 night vision goggle meets and exceeds industry-standard operational performance requirements, ensuring you receive a product of the highest quality. Environmental Testing  […]

Introducing Element 3 (E3) NVG

We’re thrilled to introduce the lightest night vision goggle for aviators. After years of development and feedback from the aviation community, we announce Element 3 (E3) Lightweight Night Vision Goggle. • 30% lighter than the current AN/AVS-9 (390 Grams) • P-45 white phosphor high performance image intensification technology • Intuitive diopter and objective adjustments improving […]

ASU Introduces New E3 Night Vision Goggles Offer Introductory Rate at HELI-EXPO 2019

**PRODUCT UPDATE 3/29/2022: The E3 lightweight Night Vision Goggle is currently in development for design improvements. Updates on E3 availability will be published later this year. (BOISE, IDAHO March 6, 2019) Aviation Specialties Unlimited, Inc., (ASU) announced at Helicopter Association International’s annual convention, HELI-EXPO, in Atlanta that the company will offer a special introductory rate and […]