E3 Night Vision Goggle Passed FAA-TSO 164a

Pilot wearing E3 night vision goggles

We are delighted to share that our originally designed E3 night vision goggle has successfully passed all environmental testing required for TSO 164a. Testing includes all of the following: Standard Operational Performance Requirements E3 night vision goggle meets and exceeds industry-standard operational performance requirements, ensuring you receive a product of the highest quality. Environmental Testing  […]

Introducing Element 3 (E3) NVG

We’re thrilled to introduce the lightest night vision goggle for aviators. After years of development and feedback from the aviation community, we announce Element 3 (E3) Lightweight Night Vision Goggle. • 30% lighter than the current AN/AVS-9 (390 Grams) • P-45 white phosphor high performance image intensification technology • Intuitive diopter and objective adjustments improving […]