ASU Modifies Erickson S-64F and Trains Flight Crew for NVG Operations

Thank you to Erickson for choosing ASU.  Erickson partnered with Aviation Specialties Unlimited (ASU) to modify an S-64F to perform NVG operations. Concurrently, Erickson pilots received NVG training and certification through ASU. Aircraft modifications and pilot certifications were completed in March, with FAA aircraft certification in April. Erickson S-64F Air Crane FAA certified for NVG […]

Night vision goggle training: standards and solutions

Published in AirMed&Rescue magazine by Mario Pierobon Mario Pierobon looks at how training on the use of night vision goggles plays a significant role in framing their proper use by crews Night vision goggles (NVG) are being increasingly used by helicopter as a standard practice for night operations, especially during rescues. Considering that the use […]